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Replica product in Dream3d


Design, Setup and Support Atal Tinkering Labs

Dream3d Engineering


Fusion Deposition Modelling is the cost effective alternate in manufacturing Engineering components required lesser numbers.

3d Scanning in Dream3d

3D Scanning

Scanning digitalizes the objects Three dimensionaly to obtain accurate and precise measurements of the model to be 3D printed.

Customizing product in Dream3d


Customization allows personalizing of wide range of 3D printed models suitable for variety of individual applications.

Dream3d Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is no more complex and costly. Thanks to our computer aided prototype development. Say Good bye to dyes and mouldes.

Build your 3d Printer in Dream3d

Printer Building

Buying printers is too mainstream!!! We build our own printers from scratch so that we can customize it later.

3d Printer Serive's in Dream3d

Printer Service

Apart from building printers we know how to deal with the problems in printers. We can service your printers too.

Dream3d Store's


Explore through our huge collection of 3d printed models that showcases our unique skills in the niche.

What makes us different

Dream3d Provide's Best 3d printing Service Quality

Qualtiy of Service

Our dedicated Engineers doesn't take eyes off the project, To ensure the atmost quality of the 3D printed model.

Dream3d Build Best 3d Printer's in Chennai

Printer Building

We can build printers from the scratch and with that we are able to cope with ever changing needs of the industry.

Dream3d Are Best in 3d Printer Service in Chennai

Printer service

We have pride in the fact that we service our own printers and can service any problems in your printer too!!

Dream3d Are Cost Effective in Chennai

Cost Effective

We provide quality service at lowest cost.The fact that we build and service printers reflects much on your cost.

What we do

Dream3d Architechtural Model


Dream3d Automotive Product's in Chennai


Dream3d Service's in Education


Dream3d Jewelry


Dream3d 3d Printed Model's


Dream3d Medical Printed Model's


Dream3d Robotic's


Dream3d Industrails Part's

Industrial Parts

about us

In Today's world Taking Innovation and Idea to real world application have many Barriers. We Dream 3D work constantly on Breaking Down that barriers.
Using rapid prototyping, our dedicated Manforce is tirelessly trying to minimize the time and production constrains that occur in the conventional process.

Make it for you!

3D printing technology has made the world of customization look so easy. If you can dream of it, we can create it. The products can be developed in such a way that it fits the exact need of you.

How it works

3d Printer's In India


Give shape to your ideas

3d Printer's in Tamil Nadu


Upload your 3D Model

3d Printer's in Chennai


Get it 3D printed

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